IPPC approved for Greenco Side Channel Blowers packages


We get claims from some of customers home and abroad recently that there are some people who are selling side channel blowers ( also called ring blowers/regenerative blowers/air blowers/vacuum pump) with the name of Greenco without our approvals. So we hereby make a serious statement on this kind of illegal behavior as below:

1. The relevant people must stop using the name of Greenco to sell the poor quality ring blowers and stop infringing our right and damaging our benefits.

2. We Greenco reserve the right to fight against this illegal behavior and make a claim on our damage.

3. The photos post on our website is a way for us to promote our products, not the proof that we agree to do business with the relevant people. Please double check our approval when buying side channel blowers with the labels of Greenco.

4. Our only website: www.greenco.cn.

At the mean time, in order for our dear customers to distinguish the true Greenco ring blowers, we hereby give you a simple way of using our fumigation symbol.

For our overseas customers, when buying air blowers with the brand of Greenco, please watch the wood pallets on that the side channel blowers are mounted on carefully and find the fumigation symbol. Our IPPC symbol is CN-038/HT-33. See the below picture (Fig.1):

Fig. 1 CN-038 HT-33


1. IPPC logo.

2. CN represents ISO 3166 country code for China.

3. 038 is the registration number, it’s the unique number that wood pallets manufacturer makes for Greenco only.Different manufacrurer with different registration number.

4. 33 represents regional identifier, Taizhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. We are located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province.

5. HT, MB and DB represent the treatment method. HT is for heat treatment, MB is for methyl bromide, and DB is for debarked.

And a series of numbers on the wood packing in the below picture (Fig. 2) also suggest that the ring blowers are from Greenco.

Fig. 2

Anyway, please pay attention to the regenerative blowers you plan to buy to prevent from buying counterfeit Greenco blowers. If you find the counterfeit products, please let us know. Thnanks!