GREENCO is building the first brand of ring blower


13 years for GREENCO to develop from a cottage industry enterprise, which total assets of less than 3 million RMB, annual sales of less than 5 million RMB, to a municipal star industrial enterprise, which total assets of 80 million RMB, annual sales of 160 million. In 2012 the company achieved a profit of RMB 34.39 million and a revenue of 13.07 million.


The total assets increased by 32 times in the past 13 years. Chen jianwei, the board chairman of GREENCO attributes the success to the technological innovation.Technology is the strongest boosters; Innovation is the core of the engine. The only way to seek greater development for enterprise is to technological innovation.

Technological innovation, enterprise’s popularity improved


Just like other ring blower enterprises, GREENCO specialize in the agricultural farming mechanical and electrical products in the early time, like floating pump and impeller aerator. Because of the simple equipment and poor technology, the product is low profit and the quality is uneven.


In 2004, in order to realize the transformation and upgrading of products, GREENCO set up a R&D center, and organized a scientific research team to go abroad to study advanced technology. After one year’s studying , GREENCO has developed the ring blower G-200 series. “After the advent of G-200 series, the technical content and additional value of product had been comprehensive upgraded.” Chen jianwei said. This achievement provides a strong technical support to the enterprise’s development.


Keeping moving make GREENCO more mature. In 2009, on the basis of ring blower G-200 series, GREENCO started to optimize the construction, reform the key process, and improve the channel of ring blower. Finally, they developed the ring blower G-400 series, which has been classified as key project of technological innovation of Zhejiang province by SETC.


By now, GREENCO has acquired 33 national patents, and has formed a pattern of ring blower-based, assisted by other air fluid equipments, which including development, production, sales and service. With the development of different series and different specifications, the company’s popularity has been gradually improved.

Talented introduced, management upgraded


Just like other enterprises in Wenling, GREENCO was family-run management in the early time. The system under family-run management was incomplete, and hard to be brought into force to make it work. “lack of scientific employment mechanism, this family-run management system has seriously restricted the development of the enterprises.” Said by Chen Jianwei. Many important business sectors, such as marketing, finance managers are held by the own side, it’s hard for outcome talents to play a role.


Through years of exploration and efforts, GREENCO has abandoned the family-run management, actively introduced highly educated, high-tech. high-level talents, and established a marketing team, which is professional, younger, educated and high quality. After years of accumulation, the management philosophy and corporate culture have been acknowledged and carried forward by staffs.


To some extent, all the problems of enterprises related to management, only by the accumulation of experience and continuous exploring, we can truly find a business management for our own development and to make a profit. As to small businesses, to make management upgrade is the guarantee and the inevitable choice for sustainable development.

Transformation and upgrading, building the first brand of ring blower


GREENCO has made a successful transformation and upgrading by innovation and the introduction of talents. This success brings GREENCO huge profits and affirmation of departments at all levels. GREENCO was evaluated as the Zhejiang trustworthy enterprise AA rated and integrity enterprise. “Our ring blower is evaluated as a famous-brand of Zhejiang and Taizhou.” CHEN JIANWEI says.


GREENCO always keep the social responsibility in mind while the enterprise is in rapidly development, and participate in social welfare undertakings actively, like the WENCHUAN earthquake and community greening. Since the establishment, GREENCO never involved in any pollution incident, and always be the major taxpayer. Besides, GREENCO has developed a lot of talents which are proficient in the ring blower, and promote the development of the ring blower industry effectively.


About the future direction of the company, Chen jianwei set a very clear target: within 3 to 5 years, GREENCO will make the transition, from manufacturing enterprises to service-oriented enterprises, to become the ring blower industry leader and standard setter, and to build the first brand of ring blower.